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Kendra Powell worked diligently to assist us in finding our home on the Big Island of Hawaii and we would recommend her to anyone looking to move here. She was very patient and answered our many questions about moving here and guided us through the process for a smooth transition for our move to Ocean View.
Michael & JoLynn Slaughter
Arizona to Ocean View, Hawaii
I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Shannon as my agent selling my condo. She always answered my questions quickly and completely and if I had additional questions (no matter how "simplistic") she answered them with patience. She is a very friendly person and always greeted potential buyers and their agents with respect. But most of all, what I appreciated about Shannon was her commitment to her high ethical standards. I would recommend Shannon Underwood without any doubt or concerns as a superior agent.
Gwynne Pacheco
Kailua Kona, HI to California
My husband and I were looking for a permanent retirement home in Hawaii and had the good fortune to be referred to Shannon. As others have said there is a lot more to buying a home here than on the mainland and it becomes more complicated if you want to rent it as a vacation rental for any period of time as we did. Shannon was a shining star guiding us through all the ins and outs of buying a home in paradise!!! We were buying virtually sight unseen and she got to know us long distance and listened to what we wanted and needed and found us a property that completely suited our needs. She somehow knew that we would be over the moon with the place we bought and we are. It is perfect in every way!!! To make it even better, we have gotten to know Shannon and Eddie as friends and they are delightful.
Tom and Dimity Demma
Oregon to Kailua Kona, HI
Buying a home in Hawaii is not easy, but I assure you that Shannon & Eddie are up for the task! My husband and I live in Washington State and have always dreamed of living in Hawaii. What we thought was wishful thinking has now been made possible with the help of Shannon and Eddie Underwood. Since it is a bit harder to buy a house living so far away, Shannon and Eddie went above and beyond and many times out of their way, to help us not only find our perfect home, but also make the final purchase. They have been patient, professional, trustworthy, dedicated and truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you Shannon & Eddie for your kindness, friendship, patience, support and for really caring! Shannon & Eddie helped make our dream become a reality, trust them to make your dream come true!
-Tiffany and Sam Wood
Washington to Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Aloha! Eddie helped us buy a house in Kailua Kona in 2009. We had very specific requirements. We wanted a main house and an ohana, and wanted at least an acre of land with a view. We looked at over 20 properties and found Eddie very knowledgeable about Kona real estate, as well as fun to be around. He made house hunting a pleasant experience. Three years later, when opportunity pulled us back to the mainland, Shannon helped us sell our house for more than we expected. The negotiations were difficult at times and with some unusual terms; but Shannon handled everything with grace and expertise, keeping us calm throughout the long process. We would recommend Eddie and Shannon to anyone looking for property on the Big Island of Hawaii. We consider Shannon and Eddie friends for life, and if we ever go back to the islands, Hawaii Coast Realty would be our first choice.
While Bruce and Dionne were living in Hawaii, they had a wide variety of amazing banana trees on their property (which explains the bananas in the picture) and were always very generous in sharing bananas, avocados and limes with us and with their other friends. Oh, and I forgot about the honey that their bees made! We will miss having Bruce and Dionne on the island, but also consider them friends for life and look forward to visiting them in Washington.
Bruce Terry and Dionne Brooks
California to Kailua Kona, THEN Kailua Kona to Widbey Island, Washington
To anyone who ever shares our dream of living in this paradise called Kona: I first set foot here in Kailua-Kona in 1985 and fell in love with the place. Now, after 16 trips and 28 years, Eddie Underwood has done what it took to help me, along with my wife Monica, achieve our dream. We first met Eddie almost two years ago when we shared with him our dream of moving here from our native California. There were countless trials and tribulations-hurdles we had to clear before we could accomplish our goal. It seemed to take forever and at times we despared that our dreams were not achievable. Every conceivable roadblock was erected blocking our path. Now we have closed escrow and taken possession of our own little slice of paradise. Through all of this, Eddie has stuck with us, mentored us and given us hope even when all seemed lost. I do not think we'd be here today without him. He has been far more that a realtor for us-he has become a true friend. He not only looked out for our interests, but provided guidance, wisdom, and hope. If anyone out there shares our dreams, Eddie Underwood is the guy you need to help you achieve these dreams. This is a realtor who really cares. Sincerely,
Clint and Monica Selby
California to Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Wow! What an experience! Purchasing a home in Hawai'i is somewhat different than purchasing one in Texas. Shannon and Eddie were there to help with the new twists and turns associated with home and land ownership in Hawai'i. The family wanted to purchase an ohana home on the Big Island. We had specific requirements which would test the mettle of any potential home buyer and realtor/broker. Our home search took us practically all over the island to view properties we had pre-selected. We visited approximately 20 homes in 5 days and managed to squeeze in a few lunches and dinners together. Shannon and Eddie were wonderful throughout our entire trip. Our goal was to find a house and make an offer before our trip to Hawai'i came to a close. We found the house! The purchase was handled via email, telephone and FedEx; there was even a mobile notary. Any questions we had were answered expeditiously and accurately. If I had to do it over again I would choose Shannon and Eddie. You won't be disappointed.
Desiree Suggs
Houston TX to Captain Cook, HIidbey Island, Washington
Dear Eddie and Shannon, Were it not for your over-the-top customer service, we wouldn't have found our home in the first place, and if it weren't for your expertise and persistence with our lender, we would never have been able to close on our new home!!! What a gift to find you both. We are forever grateful for your partnership in making our dream a reality! We look forward to your continued success and would gladly recommend you to anyone who wants to buy a home on the Big Island!
P.S. - This is Bud and Heather's engagement photo. They got engaged shortly after we helped them find their Hawaii home and are now happily married!! Aaawwww! Congratulations you guys!!!! Much happiness to you!!
Heather Tremain & Bud Reynolds
Alameda, CA to Kailua Kona, HI
My husband and I recently bought our dream home in Captain Cook, Hawaii, just south of Kailua Kona. Shannon and Eddie's professionalism made everything seem simple; as simple as purchasing a home can be. They were extremely helpful in providing us with contacts for inspections, mortgage loans, insurance, etc. They were available at any time of day, and were always ahead of us with the next steps in the process. They also provided invaluable information about the unique things to consider when buying a home in Hawaii. We remind ourselves constantly how lucky we were that Shannon and Eddie were there to make buying a home in Hawaii a pleasure.
Kathy and David Brinton
Colorado to Captain Cook, HI
I love Eddie and Shannon. The picture is of our “Tiki Room,” so named by us, with daughter and grandson standing at the door. It was their special place; a little auxiliary building we didn’t know existed until we visited the property. Eddie and Shannon helped us purchase this beautiful property near the little town of Pahoa. After ambling down our “Green trail of bliss” we found ourselves on 10 acres of Paradise. When it became necessary for us to move, Eddie and Shannon again assisted that process, and brought it to fruition. No matter if the property is listed in the millions or at a fraction of that you can expect the same dedicated service. The final sale was completed by FAXes and emails, and even when Eddie and Shannon were vacationing in Europe they didn’t forget us and took time out of their day to keep us informed of the progress. Thank you again dear ones. Mahalo!
Joyce Davis & Family
Oregon to Hawaii then Hawaii to California
Shannon and Eddie helped us greatly to get a house in Hawaii that meets our needs and was within our price range. Shannon was always on time with the transactions and proactive with getting the paperwork completed so that we could have a timely move in. All aspects of the process were honest and straight forward. I would recommend them to a friend at any time.
Catherine Sinclair
California to Kailua Kona, Hawaii
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