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Please Note: Black lettering will show up better against a light background; white will look best against a darker background. Right-click and choose “Save pictures as”to save the logo onto your computer. If you need an even LARGER logo for some reason, please contact Shannon. The white letting on the white logo will appear invisible when it comes up larger because the background is white. If you download the image and use it against a darker background, the lettering will appear. These logos are gif files and will float over any background that you use. Showing the background behind them. If you save them as jpg files, they will lose that ability and have a solid white background. Not as nice. Be sure to save them to your computer as .gif files.

IMPORTANT, We are required to spell out the full company name, Hawaii Cost Realty, LLC,¬†somewhere on our advertisements. Please don’t forget that. Also, ALL advertisements require Broker approval prior to printing, etc.¬†

Hawaii Coast Realty, LLC
75-5915 Walua Rd.
Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740
(808) 929-7063

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